In memory of Lacey   
Michele (1979-1987)
Become a part of History and Help preserve a piece of the Ozarks by staying at Lacey Micheles Castle.  One  500
sq ft Condo style Suite inside the Castle Walls.  The Castle is over a football field in length and is still growing.  
Over 10,000 sq ft of flower and vegetable gardens, including a Sept 11 Memorial.  The 70 acre gated estate is
operated and maintained as a Non-Profit Wildlife Management Area.  With miles of Nature Trails and primitive
campsites and wildlife feeding and observation sites throughout the estate.  All for your exclusive use, be the King
and Queen of the Castle for your stay.

Abundant wildlife year around, Deer, Fox, Bobcats , Quail, and a rafter (family) of Turkeys stay on the property.  
Go hunting for Mushrooms, Ginseng, Golden Seal, or wild game in season and all are included with your nights
stay.  A one acre plus fenced Courtyard is also provided for large dogs or Horses.
Weddings, Honeymoon and Anniversary packages available.  
15 miles south of Branson MO
The Castle is 1 mile off US 65
Take Cricket
Cutoff Road exit, then follow the signs
Discounts on entertainment packages available.  

For Reservations or Information
9 am to 7 pm
(870) 426-4330

Book The Suite Tonight
$110 Donation to Non-Profit
Lacey Michele's Foundation